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What do you need to bring for working bees?

The weather conditions on Port Philip Bay can vary considerably during the day. Working on the islands can be very hot and sunburn/ heat stroke can be a problem. Alternatively it can get very cold and wet.

The following list is a guide to the equipment and clothing you should take on every boat trip considering the trips generally start at 9:40am and conclude around 4:30 pm.


  • Wear layers of clothing that will enable you to either remove or add clothing to ensure comfort in both hot and cold weather. eg. long trousers, long sleeve collared shirt & tee shirt.
  • small towel (optional but good for wet boat trips)
  • wind & water proof coat (ESSENTIAL)
  • solid footwear or work boots (ESSENTIAL)
  • sun hat with wide brim
  • warm jumper (preferably woolen)
  • bathers/shorts regardless of the weather for wadding from the boat to shore and/or swimming
  • small back pack to carry personal equipment
  • Sun protection cream (SPF30+ )


We suggest you take enough personal food and beverages to see you through this period (Morning tea, Lunch & Afternoon tea).

On hot days each person should take at least two litres of cold water/cordial.

On cold days a thermos of a hot drink is wonderful. (Don't forget your mug!)

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