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Activities & Working Bees

Some Volunteers
Some of the Volunteers

More Volunteers
More Volunteers

The Friends of Mud Islands work closely with Parks Victoria.

Together we have removed the majority of the woody weeds; Boxthorn, Mirror Bush and Tree Mallow and are now undertaking regular ongoing control of seedling regrowth.

We are now targeting the prostrate spreading weeds Galenia and the exotic grasses Kikuyu and Couch, with the view to eradicate them. These invasive species are a threat to the islands’ ecology and landscape values and must be removed.

We run a community Seagrass monitoring program (see links for more information) and undertake two snorkeling trips to examine the heath and abundance of sea grasses around the islands (read the Parks Victoria report- pdf format).

We regularly collect rubbish and have been involved in investigating marine invertebrates, bird life, vegetation dynamics, ecology and visitor use of the islands.

We assist the Victorian Wader Study Group in undertaking wader bird counts and maintaining the tern breeding areas on the islands.

To promote public awareness of the ecological importance of Mud Islands, we have a great display, which is shown at local libraries, schools and community events.

Interpretation signs have also been designed and erected on Mud Islands and at the Annulus at Popes Eye to assist with general public awareness.

Activity Dates for 2016

Here are our tentative dates for 2016 (tentative because things sometimes happen - like weather). We will try to stick to these as closely as possible.

Date Activity Notes
Sunday Jul 3rd  
Sunday November 13th  

For working bees we meet at the Queenscliff harbour low landing on the ferry side of the "bright orange" Pilot boats in Larkin Parade, Queenscliff at 9:40am and return by around 4:30pm.

You need to bring food, drinks, personal gear and a sense of adventure, for a great day out.

Bookings are essential to ensure a space on the boat and can be made by emailing by the Wednesday before the trip.

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